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Santa's Dead

"LOOK! It's Santa!" I exclaimed in my best impression of elf as I noticed a child putting on a Santa suit.

"I'm not SANTA! I'm -------"

"Oh, I thought you were Santa."

"No, Santa's dead. I guess I have to deliver the presents now" (with a deep sigh)

"Santa's dead?? What happened?"

"Yeah, Santa's dead. It's a long story"

and.. just like that he skipped off to play.  Clearly the story was too long to tell, and he had other things that were more important to do than to share it with me. 

Many programs are looking at the calendar and providing materials and lesson plans revolving around spring and Easter. We tend not to look too closely at the calendar and instead follow the lead of the children. We have many holiday related materials available to the children, but they are available year round. On any given day of the year you will most likely find a child dressed up as Santa (in fact, one the childr…

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