Friday, June 25, 2010

Emergence of the Painted Ladies

I have been somewhat concerned that our painted ladies would not emerge in time for the children to enjoy them prior to our summer recess. Fortunately, 4 of the 5 have now emerged! Now we can all take our two week break with some closure.

We spent a lot of time observing our new butterfly friends today and reciting our finger play over and over and over again.

"First there was an egg sitting on a leaf."

(Hold one hand flat and curl index finger to make the egg on the leaf)

"Out popped a munching, crunching caterpillar"

(swiggle/wiggle index finger along)

"Then up it climbed and made a chrysalis"

(Bring index finger up in front of your face and wrap it with your other hand)

"It wiggled as it worked, and out came a butterfly!"

(move your hands around as the chrysalis, side your thumbs to interlock, and flap your hands like butterfly wings)


Sherry and Donna said...

What a wonderful experience for your children Amy. We haven't hatched butterflies for a few years now but I remember the nervous excitement I experienced when we did. There is just something about new life that is nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time ... regardless of species. Oh and I love your little finger play .. very cute!
Donna :) :)

Ticia said...

Thanks for including this link, I must have forgotten to clip this when I first read it. Next year I'll have to see if we can find monarchs, I love monarch butterflies.

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