"America, Land That We Love"

So, I started this project when I was an exchange student in 1995. One of my exchange student friends was kind enough to share the pattern with me. The stitching kept me busy while I sat through some classes where I had absolutely no idea what was going on because of the language and knowledge barriers. The pattern calls for a square to be stitched for each of the fifty states, and when I found it in my cross stitch box, I had only completed it through Illinois with a start on both Indiana and Iowa. Somewhere along the line, my pattern disappeared, and although I attempted to find a copy a few times throughout the years, I was unsuccessful. Then, shortly before our Christmas vacation, I hopped on the internet to try just one more time to try to track it down!

And TA DA! I found it! It apparently was given away for free from Jean Farrish Heart and Home! Unfortunately, the website is no longer in existence. But thanks to the web archiving sites, I was able to retrieve the information I needed to finish my project!

I made copies of the pattern, and packed the unfinished project and grabbed the floss from my caddy.....

I'm not completely finished, but I'm getting there:

15-16 years later, perhaps I'll finally be able to finish this one! I noticed that I'm missing quite a few colors in my floss caddy, so I'll have to pick those up when I get home. (That's why you see a lot of unfinished squares....) At the very least, it is progress and it feels good to be stitching again :).


Deborah said…
Wow - what a beautiful project!
Ticia said…
So impressed. I can't do counted cross stitch for anything. I always get off on my count.
Caroline said…
Hello Amy,
My name is Caroline and I'm writing to you from France. I've also started the "America, Land That We Love" project a few years ago. Not yet finished. Unfortunately, I've lost the complete pattern when we moved from a house to another one. I miss the 3 last states (West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming) and also the top (America) and the middle of the last sentence (...that we...). I'm sorry to disturb you but I've been searching these datas on the web, and no success. Finally, thanks to Google, I found your page. I followed the above link to the archive but could not print anything. Pages do not come correctly. Would you be so kind to mail me the missing pages ? This would be a great help for me. I could send you some of nice patterns I have to thank you. Thank you in advance to read me. Best regards, Caroline (caroline.vivier71@free.fr)
Irma said…
my name is Irma and I'm a hobby cross stitcher from Italy. I'd love have this pattern, but I can't find it on web... can you send me a copy of it? Many thanks :)
Irma (irma.bovolo(at)gmail.com)
Anonymous said…
Hi My name is Geri please help me find a copy..America,Land that we love .I completed throught Ohio ..email me thank you EM gbofew@comcast.net

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