Giant Snow Painting!

Yesterday, we spray painted our snowy white outdoor canvas. Today, we decided to go BIG, and to continue to add some color to our world of white....

Again, like yesterday, we opted to use Kool-Aid to color some water. Today, we put the powder into buckets and pitchers with water.

For our paint brushes, we took our handy dandy pvc pipe set and made some giant ones! Some of them have sponge pieces on the ends (We took apart our water bombs from this summer and attached them to the end of the pvc pipe with pipe cleaners and packaging tape.) We also made some brushes with the pieces of a new clean mop head. We used the same technique to attach them to the pvc pipe. Like Dan Hodgins notes, when it comes to paint brushes- the bigger the better!

Then, out into our winter wonderland....

This painting was a lot of fun. It did not hold the children's attention as long as the spray bottles did. There is something magical about squeezing those that keeps little ones entertained for hours! We went through about half of our paint. (The rest of it is left outside- hopefully we will find some fun frozen chunks of ice tomorrow!)
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Autumn mama said…
Hey Amy ! isn't this fun ! the children have been painting the snow here for weeks now ! it looks sooo lovely ! Your group did an amazing job !
light and peace
Anonymous said…
Those paint brshes look so fun! Can't imagine kids not loving those for hours. But that happens to me all the time that I think something will hold my little ones attention much longer than it does.
jenny said…
Okay, now I really wish we had snow in this neck of the woods!
I am going to have to make me some tall paintbrushes too!

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