Out Sick......

We've been hit with upper respiratory infections and/or strep throat. Fortunately not all at once. The daycare has been able to remain open. However, I'm focusing on recuperating. Fear not, we will be back in full force once we've kicked this bug!


Deborah said…
Oooh, that doesn't sound good at all. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Get some rest and take care of yourself:)
Autumn mama said…
oooh Amy ... i hope you feel better soon ... peppermint tea can usually help sore throats and hot water with lemon and honey can help get rid of yucky bacteria... take care !
light and peace
Thanks Deborah and Dawn :). I think we have finally kicked the bugs.... Hoping that we have done our part to clean and sanitize so that they do not make any upcoming returns!

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