Snow Spray Paint

We're back in Michigan! I had expected to come home to piles and piles of snow, but warm temperatures and rain has melted some of our snow. Don't get me wrong, there is still a layer of white stuff out there, but not the heaps and mounds that I'm sure we will be seeing in the months to come.

I have all of these great outdoor projects and I was eager to get to work... but it appears that they will have to wait for fresh snow! So, today, we opted to use the crusted snow as a canvas!

A pile of spray bottles....
a stack of powdered Kool-Aid...
excited children......
and.... a layer of crusted snow (the perfect canvas!)
We added some color to the yard and enjoyed the "yummy" scents. "This orange smells like orange!"
Instant outdoor art!
Teacher Tom, those letters keep showing up here too! "X" marks the spot! I wonder what buried treasure lies below?
It is a good thing we buy powdered Kool-Aid in bulk, considering we don't actually drink it, we sure do find all kinds of great uses for it! In this instance, we added one package of Kool-Aid to each bottle of water. You could also do this with food coloring or even jello! (Although the powdered jello ends up being quite sticky!)

If you don't live in a climate where you have the opportunity to play in the snow, this painting works great on piles of shaving cream too! Perhaps you could use a white sheet to spray on, I'm sure there are other ways to incorporate spray painting into your play!

The spray bottles are great for children to work on building their fine motor skills. The same muscles they are strengthening while participating in this activity will help them to be able to cut and write! We love to use spray bottles to paint with, to have water fights, and to use in our dramatic play when we have a hair salon or when we are cleaning! They are definitely one of my favorite "must haves" in my classroom!

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This makes me wish we had snow in Sydney!
Anonymous said…
I have not had very good luck with this one, as little hands wearing big heavy mittens just don't seem to mix well with spray bottles. I need a day warm enough that we can take off the mittens for awhile!
Jenny- be careful what you wish for, stranger things have happened!

Bev- Some of the children have mastered spray bottles with mittens. We use them enough that they have figured it out. Other children do take the mittens off for a short period of time while they spray. When their hands get cold, they warm them back up in their mittens :).
Anonymous said…
Linked up to this idea in the Nitty Gritty tonight. Loving this spray bottle idea and can't wait to try it out with my girls. Have to pick up a few spray bottles first.
Jaimie said…
I've been meaning to do this for ages. Thanks for the reminder!
I love this! I really should do this soon with my Butterfly...

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