Masher Print Painting

I love to print and/or paint with unusual "brushes." Today's "brush" of choice were my collection of mashers.
I have a small collection (6 or 7) different manual potato mashers. It is fun to compare the different prints that they make.
Some of them look kind of like bee hives.
Some of them are round like "Mickey Mouse Ears."
Some are kind of squiggly like worms.
Others look like our blocks when they are put away.

This activity was a definite hit with the children, we filled quite a few pages of paper. Next time we might try out the mashers to determine which print style works the best...... 

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Catherine said…
What a great idea! They look amazing!! :o)
WOW! What fun Amy AND they look really cool too!
Donna :) :)
Cheryl Golangco said…
This is cute! I have an old potato masher I was about to throw away! Lucky I saw this in time!! :)
These Look Amazing! Beautiful Work!
These turned out just great, and the process looks interesting, and fun.
Anonymous said…
What fun! I would have never thought to paint with that particular kitchen tool. And the pictures turned out so cute. Great work.
Michelle said…
I love painting with mashers... they leave the best prints!!!
Michelle said…
Awesome! really have to try these! They look so fun and final result is simply wonderful!
Amy, I know it is all about the process rather than the product but have to say the finished product looks amazing!
artsy_momma said…
That is so aweome! We will be doing this for sure!!!

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