Our Classroom

I'm a firm believer that the world is our classroom, but here is our main space that is confined by walls:

It has been awhile since I took photos of our main play/classroom.
I figured that since I spent the better part of the weekend reorganizing it to fit the new chalkboard writing desk/center that we upcycled from a crib, now would be a great time to take and post some photos.

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(I need to take some new photos and update you on our outdoor space too!)


This space is bursting with interesting, amazing looking activities. I noticed that the lego table is put to good use, and several familiar, good toys all children enjoy.
As well it looks like a space that is meant to be played in.There is obviously lots of learning going on here.

I'm going next to look at your outdoor space as well, as I haven't been reading blogs this summer, so I'm looking forward to seeing all your creativity.


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