Creative Challenge- Magazines!

I'm always up for a good challenge, so when Rachelle from the wonderful Tinkerlab asked for volunteers to participate in an upcycling creative challenge using magazines.... how could I resist! (It was so much fun to link up last time with her cardboard box challenge!)
Tinkerlab Creative Challenge

I love to reuse and repurpose materials. We always have a stack of magazines/catalogs on hand for the children to use. One of the HUGE projects the "blown ups" around here was a collage gone crazy... How does a collage go crazy do you ask?
When it turns into wallpaper, that's when! It took us a couple of years to make this project a reality. The children helped us find and tear out food from magazines. We cut them and made a huge collage for wallpaper, it took us about three years to make it big enough to cover all of the walls in the kitchen.
Today's project was much more child centered and directed. It started out with ripping! Children typically are not allowed to rip and tear books. Did you know that allowing them to do so is GREAT for their motor skills! Old catalogs and magazines are GREAT for this! They are a little bit harder to tear because the glossy paper is quite a bit stronger.
This little guy just couldn't believe it! He kept looking up from the pile of paper torn from the magazines and the pile as if to say... you mean, you really aren't going to take this away from me? Are you sure I can do this? He squealed with delight as he played with the slippery pages. They make a fun crackling noise when you crushed them between your fingers... What a great sensory experience!
Some of the older children opted to create with the magazine sheets. At their request, we added masking tape and string....
And TA DA! We had a ton of various shaped kites! 
Some of the children realized that when you crunch the paper up, you get a ball!
And if you roll the paper, you can tape it and make shapes.... like a ring to throw the balls through!
(I think some of the older kids remembered seeing this technique from when Dane made his pirate gear!)
I love to watch all of the concentration while the children are doing real work. 
We had a wonderful afternoon, filled with 
Lots of ripping......
 Lots of taping....
Lots of creating....
Lots of crinkling sensory fun!
What would you do with old magazines/catalogs?

It has been a great honor to work with a great group of bloggers with this creative challenge collaboration! Please stop on by and check out all of the other response to this challenge here:

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Deborah said…
Hands down, the best kind of magazine, ripping, squishing, creating fun there is!!
Brilliant! Good old fashioned PLAY TIME! Love it. My son actually liked all the cutting and hole punching that he did for HOURS afterwards as much as our craft!

I love it!! My 3yo has recently mastered scissors and loved having lots of colorful paper to cut. And tape is always fantastic! I can give my kids tape, paper, and scissors and they'll be happy for ages.
What a great way to get kids of all ages involved in the same activity. AWESOME!
What a way to explore. I can't believe your wallpaper either. That would take forever.
Michelle said…
OH MY WALLPAPER! WOW!!! Looks like they all had a blast!
hooray for ripping! and true paint cut pasting ;)
did you ever see that video of the baby laughing at the parent ripping paper?
Jen- yes, I LOVE that video!!!! @Everyone, thanks we sure did have fun! The wallpaper, well yes, it is definitely one of a kind. I have a love-hate relationship with it! I loved the idea, I love how it looks.. I LOVE that is DONE but a project of that size that took 3 years is a HUGE undertaking, and is not all that fun when you are just tired of seeing food!
Wow! it looks like all the kids had loads of FUN! Who needs toys....magazines seem to be a good substitute! Love the collage, the games , the shape creations, and tearing! Yeah for magazines!
I love the open ended nature of your exploration, perfect for children of all ages.
katepickle said…
Ah my smallest loves to tear paper too... it's such a great thing when you find an appropriate way for them to do just exactly what they need and enjoy to do right now!
Many thanks - you and Deborah over at Teach Preschool have given me enough inspiration for every class I work with doing an indoor activity - it's getting very dark and cold where I live and the children get cold more quickly outside, so we need a little more indoor activity at the moment.
You're a genius!! I hadn't thought about letting my 1 year old rip magazines in lieu of books (which she loves), and will set her up with a pile tomorrow. What a fun day you all had -- lucky kids! Oh, and the wallpapered!

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