Science of Art and BIG Pictures

I'm at the MiAEYC Conference in Grand Rapids.  I always have such a fantastic time learning and growing when I have the opportunity to sit in on and present professional development sessions.

This year, I am presenting on the Science of Art and BIG pictures!
I'll be talking about things like pendulum painting....

And fizzing sidewalk paint....

Just to name a few!
 I plan to share a few video clips from some of our experiences:



Unfortunately, with only 75 minutes, I don't have as much time as I would like to engage everyone in all of these fantastic ideas, but we will be trying a couple!

Hope to see you there!


Debbie Clement said…
LUCKY participants!!!!

I just LUV to see what you're up to with your paint 'experiments' and more!!

Keep up the amazing inspiration!

Heather said…
I first saw pendulum painting over at Teacher Tom's blog, and I also took it BIG with my preschoolers. We hung our pendulum from the middle of our geo-gym ( and we paint directly onto the ground. Children can request that we move the geo-gym if they want a "blank canvas".

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