BBBBBButterflies and Caterpillars Round Up!

We hit the mother load of monarch caterpillars tonight!

Between the first 2 plants we inspected, we found 9 teeny tiny caterpillars!

Typically, it is June before we start to find the monarch eggs around here....

So, you can imagine how excited we are!!!!

We have observed the life cycle of our monarch friends for quite a few years now. 
Here is a round up of some of our previous Butterfly and Caterpillar posts:

More Monarchs Emerge (Videos included)

We sure love to spend time studying our caterpillars and butterflies!!

I hope you enjoy our journey, and as this is only the beginning this year, you can almost guarantee that we'll have some new caterpillar and butterfly posts soon!


What fun activities for summer break :-) We love butterflies.
Susan Case said…
What an amazing post! Pinned it and am following you from KBN Share Thread.
Rebekah said…
Wow, so many fun and educational butterfly ideas! Right now, we have a few caterpillars on our dill plant, and they are so much fun to watch.
Mama Pea Pod said…
What a great selection of posts!
My daughter loves butterflies but she's really scared in caterpillar, haha! Anything that looks like a worm scared her away :( But anyway, this is another great post of you :)
Shaunna Evans said…
This is a great collection of butterfly ideas. Thank you for linking up to Discover and Explore. Excited to see what you share for next week's Earth Day theme.

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