Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

We have been focused on bugs for quite some time now. The children are not quite ready to move on from this subject, so we keep repeating some activities and I keep looking for more ways to extend the theme. One great way to make a buzzing bug I found in my Family Fun Magazine.

The buzzing sound it makes is AWESOME! (This is the first video I have tried to upload, so if it doesn't work, please be patient with me as I learn the best way to approach videos! I appologize that the video is sideways, but I can't find my software to flip it, and the video is more for the sound than it is for the picture!)

First, we had the children decorate a 3X3 piece of cardstock (We cut 3X5 cards into squares).

Then each child chose a colored craft stick and 2 pencil erasers. The children placed the erasers on each end of the craft stick.

Then we stapled the 3X3 card to the craft stick on both ends.

After that, we tied a piece of yarn to the craft stick.

The last step before using your buzzing bug is to place a thick rubber band stretched over the erasers.

One thing that we noticed after putting our buzzing bugs together is that the string tends to migrate to a position where it stops the rubber bands from vibrating. We were able to problem solve this by making an additional knot with the string that kept the string from moving.


Brimful Curiosities said...

Our VBS has a bee theme this year so I saw this craft on Family Fun...so glad you posted a video. The sound is amazing.

Kristy... said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog from Ramblings of a crazy woman.
I too live in Michigan! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

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