Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Computer Generated Art

All of the children here, even the wee-little ones are super intrigued by the computer. We have laptops that travel throughout the house, and they all like to push the buttons and watch the screen.

What exactly do we use the laptops for while children are here? Well, a number of things. I do my paperwork on a laptop, update the blog, etc. The children use the internet (supervised and guided) to find out information on a wide array of topics and to play some educational games. We also use the laptop to view our slideshows created with photos taken by both the staff and children. BUT... by far the most popular use of my laptop is the paint program!!!! I have an HP Touch Smart, the screen swivels so that you can cover up the keyboard, and there is a stylus attached. We have a wide variety of children's art work and writing practice via Ms. Amy's computer. Enjoy a sampling of our computer paint ;).

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