Monday, July 19, 2010

Aluminum Can Butterflies

Today, I am not going to post about something that the children made. Instead, I am using today's post as an opportunity to share something that I made :).

I was inspired by the metal work with preschoolers that Teacher Tom shared and this butterfly I saw over the weekend while visiting Mackinac Island.

This is what I saw:

And this is what I made:

(#1 on the left, #2 on the right)

(Back of #3 above, Front Below)

My butterflies are made from aluminum cans that have been cut, folded and glued together. They are no where near the size of the butterfly I saw on Mackinac Island, however, they are designed with a similar pattern. IF you opt to make these lovely recycled beauties here are a few tips:

1) Use larger than normal sized cans if possible or use one can for each side of the butterfly. I chose to use cans from Arizona Tea for the larger pieces of the butterfly and then cut smaller pieces from other cans for color.

2) When you accordian fold aluminum cans they can have a tendency to split on the fold line. Fold your cans carefully and unfold them gently.

3) Hot glue works GREAT! Remember that it is hot, and it will heat up the alumimum.

Although this was a fun project for me, I think it would be a bit too challenging for the little ones to do with aluminum. We may opt to make some with another material that doesn't have as many challenges for little fingers. I will definitely be making a few more of these to add to our rock garden though!

I also made some flowers ;). This is a photo of one of them.


Kristy... said...

I LOVE these.. I think I will HAVE to make them! SOO CUTE! Great Job

Ms. Erin's HeartRoom said...


Waseem said...

I love these...Great idea.

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