Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're Back :)

I have to admit, vacations are wonderful. Everyone needs time to rejuvenate, relax and take some time for themselves. Our two week summer vacation flew by.... and now, we're back! The first couple of days back are always fun. The children are so excited to try out their favorite things again, and the excitement of seeing friends and hearing the "I missed you" followed by all of the extra hugs really makes this job so rewarding!

Our outdoor music area is still functioning quite nicely, although we need to make a few minor repairs. However, we found out that we can still realy JAM, and make some wonderful sounds!

We found a frog hanging out near our large tire soon to be drum. He was way too fast to catch him with anything other than the camera!

The pirate ship/castle was also frequented on our first day back.

And, one of the other things of high interest on our first day back were the Magneatos. I will admit, they were a bit pricey to invest in. However, they have been well worth it!

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