Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Colored Gems" (Sensory Salts)

When I worked in a center, I remembered that we made homemade bath salts as a gift for moms. It was a very simple process as we used colored epsom salt, a little bit of food coloring, and some scented oil. Today, we made some sensory salt to play with using the same method.

We started with Epsom Salt. (1/2 bag for each color, but you can make as little or as much as you would like). Then we added a few drops of food coloring. (We made four different colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue). I didn't have any essential oils on hand to scent it, so we used a couple of drops of cooking vanilla.

Mix it well with a spoon and be sure to let it dry before you play with it. (If you don't, your hands will turn colors from the food coloring.)

Put your finished salts into the sensory table, add a few things to mix, dump, and play..... and ta da..... Sensory Salts.... OR... "Diamonds, they look like diamonds!"


Old hat, fresh socks said...

If the moms use the salts in the tub will the food coloring run in the bath water?

Old hat, fresh socks said...

Will the food coloring run the bath water?

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