Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mess??? Yes Mess- Great Explorations in Mud!

This morning, we spent quite a bit of time outside. The weather has been beautiful, at times just a little warm. Today was definitely a day of sand, water, mud, and mess!

We started off with a "water bomb" fight- (I regret to inform you that there were not photos taken during this fantastic event, as there was great concern for the safety of the cameras!)

Then we turned on the sprinkler for some more water fun.

This afternoon- our "clean" water fun turned to messy mud!!!

We started off with pink mud. Our sensory table was filled with pink sand, and icy cold water!

Then we found a small container of regular play sand, and we added it to the mix.... You can see some of the color variations as the two begin to mix.

Yes, we had a great start to some messy fun! However, it was hot, and well.... how about a few ice cubes to add to the mix?? We didn't have any plain ones, so colored ice cubes it was! (A few drops of food coloring added to the water before they freeze.)

Our mountains and valleys of sand and mud were beginning to look like a rainbow as the ice cubes melted.

What color is the water going to be when we mix them all together????? Hmmm... I wonder....

When we needed a break from the icy cold mud, the light table with some pink and purple sand was the perfect option!

A great book about mud, if you have never read it is-

The Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz

It is well worth looking into, I remember it from when I was little. It has become an instant favorite around here!

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