Saturday, August 7, 2010

"We Can't Find Fat Fred!"

The monarch caterpillars are growing! They have been munching and crunching on the milkweed leaves. Now that some of them are over an inch long, we can hold them. It sure tickles when they move in your hand:

But where is "Fat Fred?" We can't seem to find him.....

"Oh, wait... there he is... He looks like a 'J'" (We missed Fat Fred turning into a chrysalis, but we did manage to see another one of our caterpillars as it was turning into a chrysalis)

We now have 5 caterpillars in their chrysalis, and 4 of them still munching and crunching. We will be watching and waiting patiently for our butterflies to emerge. We have also given a number of caterpillars to other childcare facilities and homes in the area. If you would like us to try to find you some, please give Ms. Amy a call.

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