Friday, August 6, 2010

What Could It Be??? (I promise, this is the last post on markers for now.)

What Could It Be?

Sometimes I wonder if my brain works differently than most, but then when surrounded by other artists and teachers, I am reminded that some of us don't always see things just for what they are. We see things for what they could be, what potential they could have. There is definitely something magical about getting your creative juices flowing and allowing all of the possibilities unfold.

Over the past couple of days, we have been working with markers. Many people would have seen an old dried up marker and tossed it into the trash. But, not here. We found that we could put those markers to use in many ways. (First post- using the markers for their ink, Second post- using the marker caps for various creations)

After the wonderful response from those of you who have graciously decided to follow my blog (either publicly as listed, or just happen to stop by once and awhile), I realized that I could improve upon how I make my colored dye (mentioned in post one). I opted to take the markers apart and put the insides of the markers in the water. I also put a few of them in glue as recommended by a reader.

Then, I had all of these wonderful contraptions to work with:

I immediately knew that we could make many of the same things with these pieces that we made with our caps. I also knew that these pieces had great potential of their own. Much like this blog and other networking places (like Teach Preschool on Facebook) provide an opportunity for us to share ideas and piggy-back off each other, I thought our circle time would provide the perfect setting to share ideas and imagine...... what could it be?

Here are a couple of suggestions from the children as to what the marker ends could be:

1) Monster teeth

2) Eyeballs

3) Tiny cups

4) A screwdriver ("it looks like a screw too")

5) "they make noise when you shake them" (perhaps we can put them in a bottle to shake)

6) Little Hats

Here are a few suggestions to use the body part of the markers:

1) "they look like logs" (We could make houses, boats, anything that is made out of logs)

2) A Rocket Ship

3) "You could make numbers with them"

4) A fence

5) Snakes

6) A hammer

7) You can line them up

8) You can try to put the ends back on

9) Caterpillars

10) Airplane

We decided to make a house with some of them, and added the rainbow ladder and toadstool from yesterday :)

I'm sure we will be testing more of our ideas. We have lots of markers that "don't work." What other things/situations can you think of where something "doesn't work" that you could rethink, reframe, find another perspective to find the real potential?


Anonymous said...

I love the house! :) THere are so many things we can do with what other people refer to us junk! :)

Dawn said...

you can take the inside tube of color out and toss it into a bottle of reg. white glue and guess what your glue will be colored! :)

Ticia said...

I'm slowly breaking down crayons to make new ones.

abbie said...

This is genius! I am always getting frustrated about markers missing caps and caps missing markers. Now I know not to just throw out the ones that don't work anymore.
And Dawn I love that glue idea!

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