Monday, September 27, 2010

Dinosaur Hide and Seek

The children are always interested in playing "Hide and Seek." I have gone back and forth with the idea behind this game, and have opted to allow the game as long as a few rules are followed. For example, we only play Hide and Seek at our house or in our yard. (When we are on a field trip, Ms. Amy gets too scared when she can't tell that our friends are safe.) On our property, we set boundaries. If Ms. Amy needs to check in, everyone knows that the game is over and comes out of their hiding places. We have also adapted the game to include our dinosaur friends. It has become sort of a mix between an Easter Egg Hunt and Hide and Seek.

One of our friends collects a certain number of dinosaurs. Everyone else closes their eyes as they are hidden in the play area. Then everyone tries to find the hidden dinosaurs.

This game usually involved lots of running, seeking, and communication. How many do we have? How many more do we need to find? Where do you think the last one(s) could be? Am I hot or cold? Can you give me a clue?

Of course, our game has been played primarily with dinosaurs, but you could try this game out with pretty much anything!

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