Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Not So Wild Weekend

"Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

I managed to hurt my left foot on Friday. I didn't break it, but I did do some soft tissue damage. So, I'm struggling with keeping to the doctor's orders of icing, wrapping, elevating, and staying off it as much as possible.

On the upside..... I have had to stay put, which means I have spent quite a bit of time scouring the web and finding some fantastic new blogs to follow. (As you can see my list of blogs I am following has at least doubled since Friday!!!) I have also had some time to find some amazing places to link up with and find some great new ideas. I love spending time learning, exploring and being inspired by other "big" people in world who work with "little" people as teachers, parents, mentors, etc. I know I haven't been part of the blogging world community for very long, but it has been a great journey thus far. The biggest struggle for me professionally has been that I truly LOVE my job, but I really miss the contact with adults. Joining the online blogging community has helped to bridge that gap for me. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with the little guys and gals, but it is wonderful to be able to learn and share with other adults who have the same passion for young people as I do. Thanks to all of you for being so open and sharing, and for inspiring. I read a post tonight from Scott over at Brick by Brick, and I don't think I can put it in better terms than he did. (So, stop on over and check it out!).

Dane and Allan have been fantastic. They have been keeping me from going nuts and spending too much time on my feet. We have been teaching Dane how to play Rummy, and I managed to kick Allan's butt in Pinochle.

Dane decided that he was ready to try another round of colored hair. Tonight he decided to go with green and blue. (If you look at my previous post, you will see a photo from when he decided that bright red was the way to go. He has also had a "tie dye" type coloring in the past with red, blue, purple, and green). Tonight, we did one side green and one side blue with a bit of blending in the middle.




This dye isn't as vibrant as the red we used, but it works. It is semi-permanent and is supposed to last 3-6 weeks. We will see how long it lasts :).

What did you do with your wild weekend?


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about your foot. I hope it heals quickly! That's some crazy hair that definitely qualifies as WILD! I don't think my weekend was too wild compared to tye dye hair...wild for me is going to a different grocery store than normal! : )

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see ya again soon!

Scott said...

Thanks for the mention! I missed this on the day you posted it. I think I was still in my unplugged mode.

I really enjoy your blog. I'm glad we can be a part of the same community.

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