Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Gone Catapult Crazy!!!!

Earlier this week, we started to make a few catapults after reading this wonderful post over at All Things Beautiful. They found the idea from Almost Unschoolers (click here). I love all of the online tweaking and inspiration going on!!!

Our first group of builders this week decided that they wanted to decorate their catapults with paint. So, of course, we had to wait for the paint to dry before we put them together. We used scraps of wood, clothespins, plastic lids (from milk, juice... etc), and tongue depressors. We also used hot glue to put them together.

Our ammunition has consisted primarily of cotton balls. Although, today when a group of girls was simultaneously shooting theirs off, they became "POPPING POPCORN BALLS."

"Fire in the hole!"

Today's group of children did not want to wait for the paint to dry. They were having so much fun with the painted catapults, that they wanted their own "right now!" So, they opted to decorate/personalize their contraptions with markers.

A quick set with hot glue, and they were ready to fire!

Our hula hoops hanging from the raptor's foot made a great obstacle/target to try to aim our cotton balls through.

I have a feeling we will be tinkering with a few other ideas. I found this great post about other catapult designs here. I have a feeling we will be thinking BIGGER very soon!


jenny @ let the children play said...

I know a whole preschool of kids that would go nuts for these! Thanks for sharing :)

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