Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Would You Do With It? Wednesday #3: Plastic Bottles

I almost forgot this morning that it was Wednesday! With the long holiday weekend, I'm having trouble keeping my days straight! With that in mind, my photo of plastic bottles today is a little weak! (I store my bottles in the basement, and well, I didn't have time this morning to go down and get a good photo!) The bottles in this picture are not the ones we typically use. (In Michigan, any bottle that had carbonated beverages in it has a $0.10 deposit on it. We typically return all of these bottles and use water/juice/sports drink bottles for our projects, but you get the idea!)

I have been truly inspired by the work of some folks in Scotland. I ordered the plans, and have visions of "someday" scaling down their greenhouse plans to make a playhouse in our yard with plastic bottles like the ones in this link.

Here are a few things we have made out of plastic bottles:

Windsock spinners:

This was inspired by Family Fun. We opted to make ours into windsocks instead of staked spinners. We used sun catcher paint and a variety of other collage materials to decorate our bottles: (This one is made with a gatorade bottle).

We also made spinners by covering a bottle with colored duct tape and then cutting lines down the side:

Now it's your turn to share... What would you do with them?

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If you are interested in the previous Wednesdays, please click here! (Note, if you share an idea on Facebook, I update the posts to add those suggestions!)


J.L. BOSTICK said...

Hey! Thanks so much for visitng my block back and for posting my homeschool hop. I fixed the link so the new one should work now. There was a forward slash after the HTML of my page, not sure how it got there because I just used copy

I really love what you have done with these bottles! I love blogging friends, you guys have so many neat ideas for me to copy cat! :D

Take care!
Sugar, spice & Monkey Tales!

ShareandRemember said...

Thank you so much for sharing my bead mosaic & firetruck! It inspired us to get it out again and play with it this week. Yes, I saved it in the basement and we bring it up on rainy days. Thanks again for sharing!

earth sky sea said...

Thanks Amy I have added my link. Great idea this link up resource of yours.

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