Friday, October 8, 2010

Cheesecloth Ghosts

I don't remember exactly where this idea originally came from. I know that I made these ghosts when I was younger and a member of 4-H. However, it has been quite some time since we tried them out. Making ghosts is quite simple. All you need is some cheesecloth and a stiffening agent and a mold. We used with watered down glue as our stiffening agent, although I know you can use liquid laundry starch or sugar water. This time, we used paper towel tubes and aluminum foil to make our mold. We have also used balloons in the past.

The process is not very complex. You cut pieces of cheesecloth, dip it in your stiffening agent.

Squeeze off the excess stiffening agent.

Pull the cheesecloth apart,

and drape the cheesecloth over your form.

Then let your ghost dry.
Remove the base, and
finally, you can decorate with a face.

Like many of our projects, the next step is always something bigger. We took out our pvc pipe set and a balloon. We will be making a collaborative MONSTER sized ghost! I'm looking forward to the teamwork and collaboration needed to stretch the cheesecloth out and drape it on our large form.

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