Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puffy Paint (Shaving Cream!) Ghosts!

We started with a table top covered in shaving cream!!!

(I found a nice raspberry scented cream this time, so instead of smelling like a "truck stop" our hands smell nice and fruity!)

We played and sculpted until we didn't want to play anymore, and then.....

We added school glue.

We mixed the glue and the shaving cream together to make puffy paint.

Each child made their own paint and added it to black paper.

Making wonderful Halloween Ghosts! We decided our ghosts needed eyes and opted for googly ones this time!

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Ticia said...

So, is adding glue the secret to it staying puffy? I tried before and it didn't stay puffy.

Dawn said...

Great Idea with the raspberry scent Amy !!
light and peace

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