Saturday, October 9, 2010

UPAEYC Conference

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Upper Peninsula Association for the Education of Young Children's (UPAEYC) fall conference today. If you have never seen Dan Hodgins, you need to make sure to get to one of his presentations!

I didn't happen to bring my camera, but we had a great time. This morning's workshop was entitled Get Them Outside Now! I was really excited about this part of the conference with all of the changes we have been making to our outdoor space. What was even more interesting, is that some of the photos on the powerpoint were oddly familiar. I had to look a couple of times, and then I realized that, those were photos of MY BACKYARD! Dan had found my blog through some of our similar online contacts and featured our easel and our music area!!! How cool was that! I know our play space is continually evolving and I have a HUGE wish list and number of changes and projects planned for the near future, but it was really nifty to have been featured in his presentation! He some great ideas from one of my favorite blogs to visit, Let the Children Play.

It was a great day for networking and sharing ideas! Don't worry, I will be posting all kinds of fun things I either heard about today, or were inspiration for something of my own. :).

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