Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Election Day, We Voted, Did You????

In Michigan, and many other states across the United States, today is election day. Some of our little friends will have the opportunity to visit a real polling station this afternoon when Ms. Amy goes to vote.

All of our friends have been working hard, campaigning for their own wishes here. We have two proposals on the ballot this November.

The first has to do with a nice big plastic swimming pool we recently acquired. We have already determined to use it as a large sensory table/bin inside, but the question remains, what could we fill it with first? Today, the voters will decide what the pool will hold. The five choices in this election are: Ball Pit Balls, Deer Corn, Rainbow Rice, Sand, or Stuffed Animals.

The second proposal has to do with our outdoor play area. We have a large wish list of new things to put in the yard, and during this election, we will determine which of the ideas we have are most important. (I anticipate that at some point we will be able to complete the full list, but this election will decide which of the initiatives we will tackle first.) The initiatives on the ballot are: 1)Wooden Log Car 2)Wooden Beaver Dam 3)Wooden Playhouse 4)Platform Stage 5)Water/Sand Wall 6) Milk Carton Igloo

As many of our young friends are not yet able to read, our ballot is covered in photos. They can either place an X or circle on one small picture (for the pool) and one large picture (for the outside play area).

As you can see, the voters are all lined up at the polls.

The voting booth has been installed. (It is a hula hoop with light weight curtains draped over it and attached to one of our shelves. We placed a small chair inside, and handed our voters a clipboard with their ballots.)

The voters took the decision seriously.

Considering each option before making their choices.

Then placing their ballots in the box.

Check back tomorrow for a full update on the election results.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, good job! I like when real world applications can be simplified for children. I am a homeschooling mom down in Texas. My boys would love to do something like this.

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