Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Is Good, but life is BUSY!!

Dane turns 8 this week..... between his friend party and family party... the daycare, my coursework..... scouts, fundraiser deliveries, committee meetings and such.... I don't anticipate that I will be here to update very often over the next couple of weeks.

Know, that I will be back and posting when I have an opportunity to do so!

I will be bookmarking ideas and online primarily while working on my coursework - you can check out my bookmarks on Delicious or Tumblr. I'm currently using both (probably going to switch to just Tumblr after this semester though..... )

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jwg said...

Not to make you any busier, but have you heard about the new Gesell Institute report? The did another study based on their original research about what kids know and it turns out four year olds aren't any smarter now then when they did the original research. There are many concepts that their brains simply cannot comprehend. It pretty much is a slap in the face for all the folks who are turning preschool into boot camp. If I still had a day care I'd print it out and make all the parents read it. You can find it at, which is the web site at Harvard.

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