Friday, November 26, 2010

Ornaments.... We've Been Crafting

The Great Start Regional Resource Center, 4C of the U.P. asked for our help in making ornaments to decorate a tree at the Peter White Public Library. So, we have been crafting....

We covered some styrofoam balls with scraps of tissue paper. I found this idea here.

(The camera battery needs to be recharged and I didn't get a photo of the completed project yet!)

We also beaded some icicles. My little friends love to work with beads. I have found that using pipe cleaners rather than string really helps them to be more successful with smaller beads.

I've also been crafting myself! I finally reclaimed my sewing machine for a couple of hours! I'm making these gingerbread people ornaments to sell for Dane's cub scout troop. Our goal is to raise enough money to send all of the boys to camp this summer. I haven't sold my crafts in years... Any suggestions on what to charge for these little guys?? They are about 6" tall almost 4" wide. They are a combination of hand and machine stitching with a little bit of paint and glue on a felt base.


Teacher Tom said...

Ah, this is such a better way to spend holidays than shopping! Making stuff is the real spirit of giving. Thanks for this post, Amy!

Anonymous said...

The icicle ornaments look like so much fun! My daughter loves stringing beads on pipe cleaners. I will have to look for more of the clear ones next time I am at the crafting store.

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