Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sing! Sing a Song!

Many of you know that I am in the process of obtaining my Master's Degree in Psychology: Training, Development, and Performance Improvement. I graduated last May with 2 graduate certificates but I need to finish one more course in order to complete my degree. The course I needed was not offered this semester, but a new elective course in learning technologies was. Needless to say, the course description was intriguing, and I opted to take the course "for fun." At this point, I am very happy that I did! I've been learning about all kinds of different technologies and free applications. If there were only four times as many hours in a day!!! I have however been able to start incorporating some of the new technology I have found into our every day activities. Today, for example, I plugged the microphone into the computer and let the children have a go with using Audacity. (A free program to record and edit audio.)

I don't have any photos of the children singing, but I do have a few that go with the topics they chose to talk and sing about! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did! (After we edited the audio with audacity, I added the song and sound bites to photos with Windows Movie Maker. I am working on a more complex project with the audio, photos, and videos... but this is a very basic compilation to highlight our song creations).

The children had so much fun with their creations, I anticipate song creation and recording will become a frequent activity!


Dawn said...

what fun Amy ! i am currently working on montessori training which pertains to early childcare ... the field i love sooo much.... this communciations class sounds fun ! what an exciting thing for the children !
light and peace

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Yes, Dawn, this class has been so much fun! I am learning about so many technologies and applications. There simply are just not enough hours in a day! In regard to the post card swap- there is a sign up for the new one to start in January here: I started with some Montessori training a few years ago, I don't think I've had any training/coursework in our field that I have not enjoyed :).

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