Monday, December 6, 2010

"Newsed" Blocks

I usually reserve my Monday posts for Monday Memories, where we take a photo walk down memory lane, but we had way too much fun with our "newsed" blocks today to keep it from you!

I've wanted to invest in some large hollow blocks for sometime, but I had a hard time justifying the expense and then to determine where to store them. Fortunately, a friend of mine who also runs a home based childcare was selling hers! So, for a mere $5o we now have a set! So, the blocks are used, but new to us "newsed."

The children spent a solid three hours playing with them this morning, and then took them out again this afternoon!

First, the children spread the blocks out all around the playroom. The blocks instantly turned into chunks of ice floating in the ocean as they walked from block to block. Our blue carpet provided a great ocean!

Then, with a little bit of reorganization, we had a road for walking and driving along. The set of roads was almost instantly turned into a maze.

There was a lot of balancing, moving, up and down, all around. Climbing over, working together to put the blocks in place.....

The play progressed primarily on one level until after our snack break, and then the blocks started to go up.... and up... and up....

With in a few minutes... We had a bank!

An angled ramp turned into a simple slide :)


It was really a challenge to encourage our little friends to take a break even when it was time to eat!

Forts were created,

What a great deal! The price was right, and now to figure out where/how to store them!!!


Dawn said...

Oh Amy ! Good for you ! what fun !hollow blocks are SO much fun ! i wouldn't be without mine... as far as storage goes - i had the same problem - so we just store our hollow blocks by making them the center walls of the block center! When we are done with them, they get stacked, lined up, or piled, on the edge of the carpet defining our center space ! Good for you ! what a buy !! Have fun !
light and peace

Anonymous said...

Those look amazing. I remember playing with those somewhere in my childhood although I know we didn't have that at my home..hmmm.
You know it is a good toy when they don't want to stop for food!

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