Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Outdoor Play Area in Winter

We have made a lot of changes to our outdoor play area, but when winter comes.... it is hard to tell in the snow! This is what "lake effect" snow looks like:

Our music area. (I had considered moving it in for the winter, but thought we would try it out in the snow.... The drum and stumps are now covered.)

There won't be any mud pies for a couple of months, although some snow pies may be in the works......

All of this snow came within the last 24 hours. We've been out shoveling.

We love living on a hill.....

When the snow from the parking pad is shoveled, We have a great "butt" slide.

We call it a "butt" slide because we have to go down on our bottoms. We save the sleds for the park where we don't have to worry about the fence :).

Although, sometimes it is just as fun to go down on our bellies! It was a great day to test out the new snow, I'm sure all of our daycare friends will be itching to get out there tomorrow too! I'm sure we'll be hauling out the sleds and headed for the park!

According to the weather forecast, we'll be looking at snow all week!

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