Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Spring Really Near?

We've been having unreal temperatures around here for this time of year. Yesterday it was 61 degrees Farenheit! Can you believe it, 61 degrees in February in Marquette! The sun was shining and the snow was melting like crazy. We had all kinds of "slush puddles" (the snow form or mud puddles) to jump in! Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the mid-to-low 30s with "FLASH FREEZING" It is crazy how our weather changes around here! Many of us have been soaking up as many rays of sun as possible, as winter seems to go on forever around here! Being that we could not all escape to a tropical island, we decided to bring one home. (Well, a small piece of one...) For Valentine's Day, we bought a palm! It has been a wonderful welcomed addition to the area a top our stairs. The bright blue sea color with a wonderful palm puts us on our own little island if even just for a moment! The children are loving it. Of course, they think that we need a few more so that we can have a dinosaur jungle! (Perhaps we will consider this down the road!)

I know for Upper Michigan, it is quite early to begin planting, but we decided to start some seeds inside anyway!
We planted some herbs in egg cartons. We also started some sunflowers and sweet peas (the flowers) in little pots.

We checked out some seeds from peas and beans. Some of our friends remembered which type of seed what which kinds from last year.

We like to start our peas and beans with a paper towel and water in a plastic bag. Each of the children made their own plastic bag "green house"

Some children folded the paper to fit in the bag, others "scrunched" it up!

They all used a spray bottle to water the seeds. Then we hung them up near the window. Here's hoping to an early spring and a great bean teepee this year!


Play for Life said...

I've not heard of your plastic bag technique for sprouting seeds Amy. That is something we really must try.
Donna :) :)

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...


I'll get an update posted on this, probably in about a week or so. We are currently on day 3 and some of the seeds have already started to sprout. We have been taking a photo each day with a number by the bag for observation in regard to how many days have elapsed. I'll probably give it a good week before I update and have the photos to share, but this is a great way to start the seeds!

April said...

They are going to have many weeks of fun and learning with this!

Ticia said...

I need to try an egg carton planting. It'd probably be popular and it's the right time of year here to do that.

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