Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our February Sprouts

If you've been following along, you'll know that we started to sprout a few seeds about a week and a half ago. In Upper Michigan, starting seeds indoors is almost a necessity considering that the outdoor growing season is so short. You can see the start of our project here.  We have been taking photos daily to document our observations. (You can see our full photo stream on Facebook.)

After about 9 days of sprouting in the plastic bags in the window, our peas and beans were ready to be moved to dirt.

The children did a great job planting the sprouts in our fiber pots.

We have been watering them daily with our spray bottles.

The children have been carefully observing the changes and growth of the seedlings.

We have also been testing another experiment with some seeds. We planted a bean seed in each of these test tubes: water, sand, and soil.
(This photos if from day seven of the experiment. We take a photo with a number each day so that we will have a record of the changes.)

We've also been pretending to be tiny little seeds...... 

First, we are all bunched up like a little seed.

Then our legs reach out, down into the ground just like roots.

Our arms reach straight up into the air like stems....  and then....

Out pop our arms just like the leaves!


Ticia said...

Oh, I like the movement activity to get them moving and thinking.

Anonymous said...

So smart how you had them do the planting in that big tub. Great way to not waste any soil. Stealing that idea for when we do our planting!

Unknown said...

I was just thinking that we need to get some little sprouts going in the classroom! Clearly, I am behind...thanks for all the great ideas!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I love this posting! It is so great to think about gardens and growing seeds. I really like the movement activity with your children.

Mmm- I can smell that dirt!

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Ticia- They came up with the start of the movement activity all on their own :). They are used to coming up with finger plays or full body movements to help us remember different things. I thought it was cute.

Abbie- Using a tub or our sensory table is always a must with "jobs" like this. With so many little hands at work at various levels, we need something to catch the spills :).

Pam- you aren't really behind (depending on where you are...) We are very early here, as we often have frost into June, but we will just have an inside harvest if we need to! I hope to plant in various stages so that we will be able to have a vine teepee all summer long.

Brenda- Thanks! Yes, the smell of the dirt in the middle of our cold winter has been great! I can't wait to be digging in it again outside.

Candace @Naturally Educational said...

Love the holistic approach! The kids look like they are haing a great job. The test tube experiment is wonderful! We are going to start planting in March.

teachmama said...

I love how early you began your planting--February's a great time here in DC, because we're in the thick of winter and ready for spring. . . but I also love how you got these tinies up and moving and really involved! Awesome

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