Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Would You Do With It? Wednesday - Crystal Light Containers

Welcome to this week's edition of What Would You Do With It? Wednesday!

To be quite honest, life has been a zoo!!! For those of you who have followed my blog for sometime, I want to share some AMAZING news with you. This past Monday (Valentine's Day) Huntar- a dear little friend of mine, finally was able to have the surgery he needed! He is at the Shriner's Hospital in Chicago, and things are definitely looking up for this little man! Please keep him in your thoughts and feel free to check out the "Help Huntar" link for more information.

Anyhow, onto the weekly challenge.... We have an abundant collection of these wonderful plastic containers that Crystal Light Drink mixes come in. The older ones were round, where these ones are more of an oval in shape. When you peel off the label, you have great translucent cylinders!

We use them for a lot of storage. I painted a set of them for our colored pencils and a set for our markers.
After seeing Deborah's post over at Teach Preschool with colored rice looking so pretty in translucent containers, we opted to make some great shakers. We are working on different ideas to spruce these up into rain sticks, we just haven't found the "right" materials to create the rods with yet....

We just added layers of colored rice, glued the tops on with a hot glue gun....

And then, shake away!

I'm still looking to find some great inspiration on how to use tissue boxes. If you have a great idea, please pop on over to last week's challenge and link up!

Ticia from over at Adventures in Mommydom left a great idea as a comment:

"I don't have pictures of this, but we used to play a sight word game, and one of the cards said "achoo." then you had to sneeze and put your cards back in the box if you got that. My students LOVED that game."

On to this week's link up! Crystal Light Containers- It's your turn!

Do you have a great idea or post that you can share using Crystal Light Containers? If so, please join in linking up!

Here are the rules:

1) The post MUST use Crystal Light Containers (or a similar sized cylindrical container)

2) The post MUST be family friendly.

There are no other requirements. If you would like, I would love if you linked back to his linky party, but it is not required. I would hope that you will investigate the links shared and visit some of the other blogs, but I'm not imposing any "blog hop/linky" rules. Please, if you do find great ideas and photos... Give credit where credit is due :).

If you have been featured and feel inclined, my featured button is available to grab from the sidebar.

Next week, I will feature my favorite link up and I'll be posting about Laundry Detergent Containers! Hopefully, I'll be on time!

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Anonymous said...

Thinking, thinking...
My husband loves that stuff and I think we have a few laying around. But what to do with them...hmmm...

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