Friday, March 11, 2011

Another SPLAT! More Painting with Catapults!

So, our exploration continues. Today, we opted to try some indoor catapult painting.  Most of our small catapults went home with our little friends, so we quickly crafted a new line of them!

 Instead of making individual catapults, we put four of them in a line on a board. We decided that we would try some watered down paint on cotton balls with paper as our targeted canvas.

Our investigation required A LOT of tweaking. How far away does the paper need to be?

What happens if you try to shoot off more than one at a time?

Some of our little friends had trouble holding down the base and shooting off the catapult. Mr. Allan helped to hold down the base. (We will have to tweak our set-up to allow more of the children to explore this more independently.)
Do you think that marshmallows would work?  (I wish we had some to try.... adding to the shopping list...)

When all else fails, and your aim with the catapult just isn't quite right..... grab them and throw them!

I wonder what would happen if we used colored water instead of watered down paint? Would sponges work better than cotton balls? What about marshmallows?

Can we try something different outside again? Are there bigger catapults we could use inside? What could we use to make the BIGGEST SPLAT?

Our investigation continues......

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Ticia said...


Scott said...

I love this kind of exploration.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anything like it! FANTASTIC...I can't wait to make some catapults.

Unknown said...

How much fun is that!

Unknown said...

This looks totally fun! Have to try it soon!

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