Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Dr. Seuss

For those  of you looking for "What Would You Do With It? Wednesday," Don't worry, I'll get that post up tonight. 

"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold wet day."
~Dr Seuss from The Cat in the Hat 

Oh, Dear Dr. Seuss,
There's simply no excuse-
Your books are first rate,
to that no debate.
However it's clear
you really must hear
There's no reason to hide
from the weather outside.
The days without sun
outside are still fun.

When the rain is drip droppin'
Our play is not stoppin'
You think it's too wet-
How could you forget?
Water means splashin'
and mad puddle dashin'
Now, don't be a dud
Go play in the mud!

Every day is a day
we can go out to play!
Here you'll be told
"We wear jackets  in cold."
The cold is no reason
to be inside for the season. 
When winter winds blow-
shout "HOORAY!" for the snow.
 Outside can be fun-
in rain, snow, or sun!
"too cold or too wet"
You're just silly to fret-
now get out and play,
every day is the day!
So, excuses no more
fun is waiting, right out the door.....

Ms. Amy
© 2011 Amy Ahola




Some good rhyming there Amy!:)))) Snow is something we never experience in our play environment. Such a shame. :(

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Amy, I loved your piece! So true; your children are fortunate your attitude is so positive towards outside play. Growing up here in Saskatchewan I played outside every day, and loved it, somedays were pretty cold, but when children are dressed warm, and start moving and exploring the cold doesn't seem to affect them as much as it does adults who might not move around as much.I can't remember not playing outside during recess at school either, probably only in case of a blizzard.
Now in Saskatchewan schools and child care centers are mandated to have a cold weather policy. If the temp is -25 or colder, we must keep the children inside. I see good and bad in this, I think on some days we should get out for even 10 min., but we can't if the temp has reached the -25 mark. Your children are fortunate! (We also have a summer policy, requiring us to stay indoors if the temp reaches 27 or over.)

Deborah said...

I love the blue hair and the rhyme!! Thank you for leaving a link to your post on my linky today:)

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