Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let Me Count the Ways..... You Can Paint The Snow!

We had another beautiful, sunny day. The sun hit the sledding hill hard enough to render it unsafe for use, so we had to find other fun things to do in the yard. So, we decided to spend the afternoon exploring and creating art in the melting snow.

We decided to bring out our cookie cutters to try them in the snow as suggested over at The Amazing Mess.

The melting snow was a great medium to hold the shapes. We also brought out a bunch of  "snow paint" (Kool-Aid with water. Some people use food coloring, but we like to use the unsweetened Kool-Aid packages because they provide a brilliant color and wonderful scent.)

I mixed each color in a separate large yogurt container. We also tried some more intricate snow painting as recommended by The Art Room Plant. We used some small pipettes, but also used large turkey basters. Both methods allowed for more control in the painting. Most of the children found the turkey basters to be much more intriguing than the smaller pipettes.

We also decided to continue to test our catapult SPLATS! This time, we used some of our homemade water bombs that we made last summer by cutting pieces of sponge and tying them together.  We dipped the sponge bombs in the colored water and sent them flying with our ogre catapult.

We sure had a lot of fun adding some more color to our world of white!

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Have you tried painting with or on the snow? If you have another idea to share, or if you were inspired to try one of our ideas, we would love to hear about it! Link Up Below!

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Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I'm enjoying your series on snow painting, and your photos here are lovely. The bright, shining snow looks like an inviting background for painting!

We painted with kool aid paint on snow indoors awhile ago, and my children really enjoyed it. Thanks for this suggestion - a good alternative to food colour paint.

Thanks for the idea of using turkey basters, for snow painting.

The weather here in Saskatchewan,Canada is improving and next week painting outside on the snow with kool aid paint, using turkey basters will be a treat!

Have a great week end!

Unknown said...

Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! Thanks!

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