Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outdoor Chalkboards

I've been doing my best to push spring along. I am so anxious to get back to making the planned changes to our outdoor space!

 We have had a couple of dry sunny days, so I decided that we could start working on some of the fence projects! I have envisioned creating mini chalkboards on our fence for quite sometime, but I have been itching to do even more since I found out that you could make your own chalkboard paint!

We are creating mini strips of chalkboard all the way along our fence. Some are high, some are low. I hope to gather of make some small step stools and ladders for the children to use the higher ones.

I keep shoveling our piles of snow, breaking it up and moving it into the sunnier patches of the yard, trying to expedite the melting process.

Another layer of paint on these sections and they will be ready to go!

We have a lot planned for the continuation of the transformation of our outdoor classroom. If you need or have some great inspiration, stop on by and link up to our outdoor classroom inspiration page! 

If you stopped by looking for our weekly What Would You Do With It? Wednesday post, don't worry... It will be up later tonight :).


mom4 said...

inspirer me to hope for spring and i also want to add more to my outside area and use it more . thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

love the way you're trying to "help" the snow melt :) and love the idea- chalkboards outside are such a great idea! We may have to try this! (by the way- pretty soon that outdoor classroom blog hop of yours is going to get so long on my blog that it will make the blog almost as long as our hall! oh- I can't wait- then the name will REALLY fit! I've loved looking at all the inspiring ideas!)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Love the pictures of SPRING,I think your children will have such alot of fun with your new additions to your yard this year.

(Early Childhood Education and Commonsense)

(I started myself a new blog, and can't seem to separate them , so the new name appears if I make a comment - so just thought I'd let you know it's just me.)

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