Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Postcard Exchange

We are once again participating in an amazing opportunity organized by Deborah over at Teach Preschool. The first time we participated in an exchange, we spent a lot of time learning about our community. You can see the posts from that exchange here:

This time around, we decided to focus our postcard on "Winter in the U.P. "(U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula. Michigan is made of two large peninsulas: the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula).  Some of the children were quite surprised to hear that in some places around the world children do not have the opportunity to play in the snow. Some children (and even some adults) have never seen or played in the snow!  (I'm still not sure that all of the children believe me, but we will continue to learn and explore other regions and their weather).  It is hard for the children around here to comprehend life without snow, considering our area averages over 200 inches of the white stuff every year!

This is what they had to say about "Winter in the U.P.":

"Snow is white and it is really really wet when it melts."

"The snow is really hard to make snowballs with mittens." 

"It is not really fun to fall off a sled."

"It is not really fun to walk in the snow cause it takes forever."

"It is fun to make snow forts."

"I like to go sled"

"I love to make snowmans"

"Make snowballs and throw them with people and snowflakes too"

"There is a big "no" plow to clean the road, it pushes all the "no" into our driveway. Then daddy has to shovel it all up."

"Sledding on my butt at my daddy's house."

"Makin' a snowman.  You put food on it and then sticks for the arms. You never cut the carrots, don't eat it."

"I got snowpants and mittens and my jacket, and my pink hat, and I gots one boot and two boot."

Stop on back in a week or so for our card round up! We will be highlighting our favorite cards from the exchange!

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