Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goin' on a Frog Hunt!

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 We've been having a fantastic time observing our baby chicks, but we have also started to talk about frogs. The children are very excited to observe frogs, and to see them hatch from eggs too. We have been hearing the frogs at night, but have yet to find any out and about.

 Yesterday, before it started to rain too hard, we took a walk up the street to see if we could find any frogs in the pond near the cemetery.  We had fun playing with our nets and trying to dance between the rain drops, but we didn't see any frogs or frog eggs.

When the rain started to pick up, we found out that trees make great umbrellas. We sat under the tree for awhile and watched the rain drops hit the pond.  Then, when the rain let up, we used our "real umbrella" and walked back.

Today, we opted to take a walk along the bike path. Some of the children remembered seeing water near the tunnel and wanted to investigate.
We didn't find any frogs near the tunnel, so we kept walking......

We ran into a chipmunk "hanging" out near a tree.
We saw a pair of mallard ducks swimming in the water.

One worm..... and then.....

Oodles and oodles of worms! We must have seen at least "ten thousand!"  (Next time we will bring a clip board to keep track of all the critters!)
Even though we didn't find any frogs today, we sure had fun exploring!  We made a list of other places where we might be able to find some frogs. There are a lots of little ponds, puddles, and streams near by; I know we will have better luck one of these days!

It sure is fun to get out and investigate though! Especially when it involves tossing rocks in the water, trying to scoop things out with our nets, counting critters, and making echos in the tunnel!


Unknown said...

oh my gosh- that sounds like fun! I wish we had as many places to explore near our school as you do!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like much fun!! Please stop by and check out my most recent post on my blog. I mentioned you and your site with a project that my *littles* did in my day care!


Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

@Pam - We are very fortunate. We live one block from the main downtown street, but our city is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! (That means we have more trees than people!) Being right in town allows us to walk to so many great places!

@Stephanie- Thanks for the link up :). It looks like your *littles* really had a lot of fun with those caterpillars!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Amy, This looks like such a beautiful place to live and walk. Looks like a great time!
You and your children sure have fun!

abbie said...

What great exploring! Love that you took them out in the rainy weather. My girls love using their nets in the creek and pond near us but we haven't caught any frogs either. Those little stinkers are so loud in the evenings but we can never see them! I think it is probably still too cool during the day around here.

Unknown said...

You know I'm going to love this one Amy. Getting out and about and exploring nature = what could be better?

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