Saturday, April 30, 2011

Repost (and Test) More Monarchs Emerge

I've been messing around with the blog. If you haven't noticed, I'm horrible with tags. I guess that is why I have a "search this blog" button.  Hopefully you will be able to find what you are looking for even if I'm not very good at categorizing things!

For a test with the new feeds and networked blog, I thought I would share another one of my favorite posts. I thought it was quite timely as I know a number of classrooms are currently observing their caterpillars! This is a repost from last summer when we studied the life cycle of butterflies for almost three months! After collecting monarch eggs, we will NEVER order a butterfly kit again. This post captures our monarchs via video both as they go and and come out of their chrysalid. If you would like to see another compilation video with a number of songs and other aspects of our study, click here.

We woke to find 5 darkened chrysalid this morning. So far, 3 butterflies have emerged and we managed to catch 2 of them on video (Just for you Carol C!)

Monarch #2 emerges:

Here is Monarch #3 as it emerges:

For those of you who have not seen a monarch caterpillar as it makes a chrysalis, here is a video taken by my good friend Carol C:


Play for Life said...

That was incredibly cool Amy! I've only seen a butterfly emerge once before and I've never seen a caterpillar make a chrysalis ... Thank you so much for sharing this!
Donna :) :)

Unknown said...

I love the new look of the blog...and the post!

Anonymous said...

So cool! Love that you got videos of the action. So fun. And I LOVE the new look. So many new features and great ways to connect and share. Brilliant!

Dawn said...

oh Amy ... don't you love the butterflies -- the place i usually get them for our annual butterfly release -had something happen and our little caterpillars were no more ... this year we will do a fish tank ....hmmmm... lucky you ! I love the new look .... lovely ...

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