Friday, April 29, 2011

What Would You Do With It Wednesday...... On Friday

My brain is still fried. I'm on the wrong week! I will be collaborating with an amazing group of bloggers for an upcycle/reuse challenge with cardboard boxes... but it isn't this week.... It is next week! So, come back next week for a fantastic collaboration coordinated by Rachelle over at Tinkerlab! 

 Now that life is a little bit less hectic, I also anticipate making some major changes on the blog. I'm looking for a little less clutter and rearranging things a bit. So, if you happen to stop back and things look different, I will be playing around with the layout for awhile until I find something that I like and works better for me!

So, here is a quick run down of this week's What Would You Do With It? Wednesday (on Friday)

Welcome to this week's edition of What Would You Do With It? Wednesday. This week we are featuring plastic Easter eggs! I know I am dreadfully behind on my Wednesday list, and if things work out with some collaboration in the next few weeks, the link up may be changing! I know that a lot of you have all kinds of plastic Easter eggs around after the holiday (or you can find them on clearance in stores right now!) So.... Here goes...

One of our favorite things to do with the eggs is to turn them into caterpillars!

I have also seen something similar where you can turn the eggs into snakes over at Preschool Rock:

Creativity in Progress turned the eggs into cute little tea cups!

I know there are a lot of other great ideas out there! What would you do with plastic Easter eggs?

For the full list of previously posted items and upcoming challenges, visit the What Would You Do With It? Wednesdays Page. (I don't know how accurate this is going to be for the future, but there is a great big list of things to try to reuse!)

On to this week's link up! Plastic Easter Eggs- It's your turn!

Do you have a great idea or post that you can share using Plastic Eggs? If so, please join in linking up!

Here are the rules:

1) The post MUST use plastic Easter Eggs

2) The post MUST be family friendly.

There are no other requirements. If you would like, I would love if you linked back to his linky party, but it is not required. I would hope that you will investigate the links shared and visit some of the  other blogs, but I'm not imposing any "blog hop/linky" rules.  Please, if  you do find great ideas and photos... Give credit where  credit is due  :).

If you have been featured and feel inclined, my featured button is available to grab from the sidebar.


Ticia said...

I've been meaning to ask. I have an old post that is tin cans, but not a coffee can for making stilts, would that count?

Anonymous said...

About playing with upcycle materials...Have you heard from "pop up playground"??thats exactly what they do...We just had one in Costa Rica ships,cars,houses,all with free stuff at a park in Central Avenue. You can visit Belleli Education to see a little bit of what happened that morning at Costa Rica. It sure was fun.
Laura Oreamuno. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Ticia- Sure, link it up! Metal cans are very similar to coffee cans!

Laura- I have heard about "pop up playgrounds" I've never actually seen one in person, but they look delightful in photos and blogs!

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