Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Would You Do With It Wednesday: Coffee Cans

Welcome to this week's edition of What Would You Do With It? Wednesday. This week we are featuring coffee cans. I know I am dreadfully behind on my Wednesday list, so in an effort to try to catch up a little bit, this week's post is going to be on how to use both metal and plastic coffee cans!

I've seen coffee can stilts in a million places, I'm not sure where I first learned about making them! These are quite basic and I was reminded of them by this post over at Martha Stewart.  Her tutorial uses smaller cans, we like the big ones with coffee cans instead, but the elephant feet are a nice touch!
Every year we make a coffee can totem pole in our rock garden. Last year we made Halloween themed ones in addition to the "regular" spring one we put out every year.

The original inspiration for these coffee can totem poles came from Family Fun magazine.

If you are having trouble finding metal coffee cans you might want to try your local freecycle group. I know I have been able to collect quite a few of them for our projects by posting through the site! You can also keep a lot of things from going to the landfill by using this network. You can either post items you would like, or items you are willing to give away.

Here is one of the ideas on my to do list from Glue Gun Crafts:

I know there are a lot of other great ideas out there! What would you do with an empty coffee can?

The last challenge I posted was to use Oatmeal Containers or other similar cylindrical containers. I'm still looking for some ideas! If you have one, hop on over and link up!

Hands On: As We Grow linked up this great shaker idea! Hop on over and check it out!

For the full list of previously posted items and upcoming challenges, visit the What Would You Do With It? Wednesdays Page.

On to this week's link up! Coffee Cans- It's your turn!

Do you have a great idea or post that you can share using coffee cans? If so, please join in linking up!

Here are the rules:

1) The post MUST use a coffee can (or something very similar)

2) The post MUST be family friendly.

There are no other requirements. If you would like, I would love if you linked back to his linky party, but it is not required. I would hope that you will investigate the links shared and visit some of the  other blogs, but I'm not imposing any "blog hop/linky" rules.  Please, if  you do find great ideas and photos... Give credit where  credit is due  :).

If you have been featured and feel inclined, my featured button is available to grab from the sidebar.

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Jamie @ hands on : as we grow said...

Thanks for featuring our shaker cans :)

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