Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

If you have been following our blog, you know that we started chicken eggs in our incubator awhile back. Unfortunately, we did not have any luck hatching our little chicks. (We will try again soon.) Fortunately, my dad still raises chicks and when we went for a visit this past weekend we were able to borrow a few chicks from the farm for a few weeks to watch.

Baby chicks are quite amusing, I've found myself parked in front of their brooder box for quite some time. The children have been enjoying their company too. Here is what they have to say:

"Baby chicks are pretty cool"
"They can jump"
 "They put their feet up like an ostrich and a flamingo"
"They put their feet in their food and water a lot"
 "They sleep when they are standing up. When they start to sleep standing up they fall down a little bit and then they wake up."
"One of our chickens is really mean and he tries to jump out"
 "One of the chickens tries to peck its way out"
"They really eats some drinks some water and eats some food"
"They are really tiny and everybody likes them"
"They were drinking and they were eggs and they wanted to get out, they very funny"
We moved some markers and clip boards near the brooder box so that our friends could record their observations.
And of course, we had to ask.... Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

The children are still debating this out. "It's like a circle. It is hard to find the start" (coming from my 8 yr old.) Then of course, after talking with Mr Allan, it is apparent that eggs were laid by other animals long before chickens were around, so if you get technical about it, eggs were here before chickens.  The debate continues.

(You'll notice that our brooder box looks different in different photos. The original light/heat source that came with our incubator to use as a brooder box light was not sufficient enough to produce enough heat, so we invested in a better heat lamp. Our "chickies' are now nice and warm, and growing fast!)

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Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

What fun to hear your childrens' interesting thoughts on these chicks.

I love your husband's explanation, and answer to the time old question, of "What came first...":)

Your 8 year old had a good answer too, very thoughtful.

For several years at one daycare I worked we had eggs to hatch at Easter time, and we made a home made box for them , with the warming light, etc. And one year, our chicks were with us for quite awhile, and were getting fairly large. While the children were resting, a chick managed to hop out and make it up the stairs. :)

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