Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are you Hopping?

When I have time, and I remember.... I love to blog hop! But, I have to admit. I'm a rule breaker.

I'm not going to follow a blog just because randomly in the universe we decided to hop just before or after one another. If I'm going to follow a blog, I have a good reason to spend my precious time reading/looking at the posts.  AND  I would hope that none of my followers are here just because of a blog hop rule. If you are, don't feel obligated to stay! 

I blog for a number of reasons. First this blog is a great way for me to communicate with the parents of the children in my care. They have a glimpse into our day. Prior to the blog, I did this through online photo sharing. However, with the blog I can also provide a bit more information that cannot be conveyed by photos. (Sorry parents, today is not really a post for you, unless you'd like to see some of the places I find inspiration!)

Second, this is a great way to document and save information for me to later reference. "Remember when we...." "Do you remember what we did? or "How did we do that again?" I love the search this blog feature, if not for you.... for me!

Third, I love to be inspired by other folks. This gives me a platform to share how I have been inspired with other people, and to hopefully continue the inspiration.  Through this, I am also able to connect with other like minded people in my field. (Which as a family home provider can sometimes be a difficult thing to do!) It is great to have conversations with other folks who are doing similar things and to be able to bounce ideas off each other. 

Bottom line. Not every blog is for everyone.  So, If I hop and break the rules... So can you! Time is precious, and it is important to spend it on things you find valuable and inspiring!

I haven't been very diligent at hopping lately.... Life has been way too busy. However, here is a list of a few places I do like to hop to when I remember and have the time....

 No Time For Flash Cards

Science Sunday

abc button

we play 

Wednesday: (My Own Hop- When I remember to post it, I'm not always that reliable!)

Thursday: It's Playtime hosted by Let the Children Play

Friday: Nuture Store: Play Academy

play academy

Friday: Best Toys for Toddlers High Paw- Show Us Your Best!

Best toys for toddlers

Did you notice a trend here??? WE LOVE TO PLAY!!!

Do you blog hop? Do you host a hop you'd like me to know about?  

Stop on back tomorrow for a GREAT blog hop challenge with cardboard boxes hosted by Tinkerlab!


Anonymous said...

I actually intend to avoid the's really just a time thing. But this was actually a very timely post for me to read. Just last night I was looking in my Google Reader, and noticing that there are certain blogs that I always read first because I find them enjoyable and inspiring, there are some that get read only after I have read through the priority blogs, and some that only get skimmed when several posts have built up and I want to clean it out or I'm just really looking for something to read. (Your blog, by the way, is in the first group!) After reading this post, I'm definitely convinced that I need to clean out the Reader itself! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by and putting my link on your outdoor classroom list. I came by to take a look and found some great ideas there.

Unknown said...

No, you haven't been very diligent in adding links lately. ;) And we do miss you!

Thanks for adding High paw in fav list. Really appreciated. :)

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