Friday, May 27, 2011

Bird and Critter Watching

In addition to some of the purchased feeders we have around, we made a couple of our own this spring with recyclable items.
We found the idea for this one made from a laundry detergent bottle here.
 (It is decorated with flashy duct tape)
This handy hanging feeder from a juice carton was inspired by this post from another blogger.. I'm so sorry, but I lost track of exactly where that post was! (If it was you, please let me know so I can link to you!)

Then, after making the first two, we used a crystal light container and an old plate to put this one together.

We have been using our handy field guide:
to identify a number of our visitors. Some of them have been very easy to identify and "shoot" a photo of, while others have been extremely camera shy!

The front feeders have been attracting some starlings. 
The juice feeder has been frequented by a number of chickadees.

We've seen quite a few Robins in the backyard.
The sparrows have really enjoyed our feeders made from oranges, peanut butter, and seed.
We have also seen a blue jay and a number of small yellowish birds (I'm guessing finches) that have been way too quick and camera shy to get a good look!
 We've also seen a few other critters in the yard:

We have also seen some great birds while we have been out and about......

Like this pair of mallard ducks when we were looking for frogs.

These Canadian geese visiting the pond at the cemetery:
And, this woodpecker that very same day:

Mr.Allan, Dane, and I also saw a pair of bald eagles as we were driving
home from the U.P. Early Childhood Conference:

We are looking forward to continuing to watch and identify the birds and critters in our yard.  
What kind of birds have you seen?

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