Sunday, May 15, 2011

Me and My "Real" Hair

Last night during a social networking meeting of the minds with other preschool bloggers, my secret was shared. Although, many of you recognize my blog, google id, twitter acct, etc with this wonderful photo from a few years back, This is not my real hair. I'm sorry to disappoint all of you who thought it was.

This photo is my son's favorite family photo. I'm sorry to inform you that I also do not have wild, crazy, tall green hair. However, at the time this photo was taken, my son did have bright fire engine red hair.

I don't have all kinds of crazy tentacles coming out of my head either.
Although, they are quite springy and fun!

I cannot pass for "chocolate thunder," Thing One or Thing Two on a daily basis. Who doesn't want to be called "chocolate thunder?" I mean, seriously....

I'm not really part fish, although I do like to swim.
I think I make a pretty good fish, and I'm really good at singing underwater.

You can get a glimpse of my real hair here. 
I almost always wear it up. It tends to just get in the way when it is down...... 
However, I'm sporting a GREAT pair of googly eyes!

I suppose you could say I'm kind of like a butterfly.... There is a lot of changing going on!

Here is another photo where you can see a glimpse of my "real" hair.

(I really like this one with the butterflies)

In case you were wondering.... this is a more accurate photo of what I "really" look like. On a "normal" day.

But then again, I'm an early childhood educator and a mom.... So, what is normal?
And, the last photo I will share is one where I am swinging.... I love to swing.

Now, I hope you were able to get over the shock and disbelief. 
Please note that on any given day, I may be sporting any or all of the above.
Happy Sunday!


Play for Life said...

Oh Amy I do love your crazy wigs. Although I have wondered what your real hair looks like, I kind of like the mystery of not knowing too! I get that it isn't really rainbow coloured, although I do think you look great in rainbow! BUT there is no way I am going to believe that Mr. Allan is wearing an orange wig ... no way! I'm SURE that is his real hair!
Donna :) :)

Deborah said...

I love it Amy:) LOL!

Dawn said...

you are so creative and lovely ... you look great with or without the rainbow do....thanks for sharing this fun post about the ever changing capabilities of providers/mom's... we do that -- don't we ? light and peace to you xoxo

Time For Play said...

You are too cute! Love all your fun wigs!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

You seem to have such a creative, playful personality, reflected in your various "hair".
My truly favourite is the photo of you and the butterflys - lovely.
Wishing you a Happy Sunday!

rachelle | tinkerlab said...

Haha! Amy, you are just too adorable for words! I love your site, and enjoyed this bonus glimpse into your personality.

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