Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mud Pie Kitchen Renovation

 (Our mud pie kitchen, in the very beginning)

Ever since Jenny over at Let the Children Play posted about Mud Pie Kitchens (almost a year ago), we have had the "madness" The mud-pie kitchen madness that is :). I immediately found a few things and spiffed up a section of the yard into our very own mud pie kitchen.  Like all things in an indoor or outdoor classroom, the play and space has continued to evolve.  Over the last week, we have done a little "renovation" in the kitchen. 

Look what I found for FREE at a yard sale!!!! You can't beat a free shelving unit for your kitchen renovation! The more free and inexpensive things you can find the better ;).

With the new sand filling in our sandbox, it was the perfect time to do a little bit of rearranging, and stocking.

The hanging baskets received a fresh helping of long grass, and the bins have been collecting every rock we find mixed in with the sand.
We put a few more hooks on the fence to hang our pots and pans, and we added a number of "spice" containers to the new shelf. They are from Parmesan cheese and are currently filled were filled with pink sand. We are still using wooden cookies as our stove top burners, and they double as plates when the children choose to use them in that way.
We are going to be adding a beverage container with a spout this week to help insure we have enough water. (We have been using buckets, but I think the spout it going to be more fun!)

If you saw our original kitchen, you will notice that we removed the plastic picnic table and replaced it with a great wooden spool table! We were able to find our spool at a do it yourself/hardware store for just a couple of dollars! (It isn't something they usually "sell" but some of the tubing and wiring they do sell comes on the spool, so they were happy to sell us a couple to have them moved out of the lumber yard!)

Do you have a mud pie kitchen? I've been collecting inspiration from all over the web. I'd love to see your kitchen! Feel free to link it up below :). 


Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

such a fun space! :)

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Awesome! What fun! A Great Collection!

Scott said...

Love the renovation, Amy. Looks like a fun place to create.

Kitchen renovation said...

I have not a mud pie kitchen but I like which you have shared here.It is looking like fun.Kitchen renovation

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