Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing Favorites from "the archives"

I don't have anything new prepared to share with you tonight, so... I thought I would share with you some of my "playing" favorites that we have done.  If you would like some insight into other people's ideas that I find interesting and enjoy, I encourage you to hop on over to where I save all of the great inspirational ideas I find around the web. 

For tonight's post I'm going to pick 5 "favorites" from my archives - I'm taking this to mean that they are from sometime in 2010. (Ask me tomorrow and you would probably get a different five).  In no particular order.....

I love how the children created their own stage and started their own band. I have to add that on this day, all of the songs were original! (those are always the best!) 

This catapult creation was really only the beginning of our adventures with catapults. The children can't seem to get enough. We have launched water balloons, sponges dipped in paint (for the snow), and a wide array of objects that the children have wanted to test. The ogre has found a permanent home in our outdoor classroom.

With the recent arrival of a dump truck full of sand, I was reminded of this wonderful time when we moved all of the toys out of the sandbox and the children created their own play area. We made giant volcanoes and stomped around in our bare feet.  (Some of the children went home with pockets and shoes filled with sand... It was a great couple of days!)

This was a great "gravity works" lesson with paints!It was great messy fun. Not only did the children enjoy using the droppers to drip paint down the page, they also had a great time climbing up and down on the chair.  I hope we can work out a Pictured Rocks Cruise as part of our summer field trips this year so they can see the rocks in person instead of just through photos.

This is always a hit! Shaving cream is a great medium for marbling. The children love to make the prints and then play in the shaving cream after. We also made t-shirts using this same technique and acrylic paints. they turned out GREAT!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a bit of the archives tonight, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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